TEST TO TREAT is available

*Free treatment available for COVID-19

  • In order to qualify you must start the medication within the first 5 days of a positive test or symptoms
  • Our pharmacist can evaluate and prescribe oral treatment

For ages 12 and older only

*While available through Federal Supply


To learn more information about Test to Treat please visit this page and refer to this fact sheet

Vaccines, masks, ventilation and quarantine prevent the spread of COVID 19

To learn more about prevention of COVID 19 spread visit the CDC website here

How does TEST TO TREAT work?

Simply: You undergo testing for COVID 19. At home tests are widely available and most are covered by your insurance. You may also schedule a testing appointment in person. If you test positive, treatment is available .

Our pharmacists can assess and initiate oral treatment. We require the following: a list of your current medications, a copy of your recent (within 5 days) COVID 19 positive test and we require additional information about your medical history. We will work with your physician to help obtain the medication for COVID-19

Who should get treatment:

Persons aged 12 and older and with risks (see risk indicators). Additionally, all persons aged 50 and older should receive COVID 19 treatment if they test positive.

Risk Indicators for COVID 19 include:

The below list is a partial, please refer to the CDC for complete and most updated list

An individual with one or more of the below indicators is at most risk for COVID 19 disease and should receive treatment for COVID 19.

  • age 50 and older
  • immunocompromised or weakened immune system(very long list of conditions). If you have been told by a physician you are immunocompromised then you should receive treatment.
  • certain underlying conditions, including:
  • cancer
  • chronic kidney, lung (asthma and associated lung conditions) heart or liver diseases
  • neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s or dementia
  • diabetes
  • persons with disabilities
  • persons with known health inequities due to social and economic minority groups
  • obesity
  • physical inactivity
  • Mental health conditions (schizophrenia, mood disorders and depression)
  • pregnancy and recent pregnancy
  • smoking (current and past history)

What is the oral therapy we offer:

Paxlovid®- which is effective against the current strains of COVID 19.

How do you take the medication?

Paxlovid is taken twice a day for 5 days total. You must start therapy within the first 5 days of symptoms or a positive test, whichever is earlier.

What are the benefits of treatment?

Paxlovid therapy has been shown to decrease severe disease, hospitalizations and risk of long COVID-19.

According to a recent study, persons who were prescribed Paxlovid had a 51% reduction in hospitalizations in the 30 days after diagnosis compared to persons who were not treated. This study included persons who were vaccinated and had prior diagnosis of COVID 19. An additional study conducted by the Veterans Administration found a decrease in long COVID.

What are the side effects of Paxlovid?

Some persons experience a metallic taste in their mouth. If this occurs, you can try mints or ginger chews and staying hydrated. The aftertaste ends once people finish the course of therapy. Other less common side effects include loose stools, stomach upset and nausea. In general most persons can take Paxlovid with minimal side effects and the course of therapy is short, limiting side effects.

If I take Paxlovid will I get rebound?

Paxlovid has not been associated with an increase in COVID rebound. In a study by the manufacture, rebound was observed in approximately both arms (treatment versus non treatment arm). The percent of rebound in this study was less than 2% in both arms and a statistically significant difference was not observed. While scientists are still trying to understand why rebound occurs, it has been noted that for those who do get rebound, it tends to be mild and self-limiting.